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About studio
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We combine branding technologies with client service technologies

Branding  is not magic, branding  is a synergy of creativity and meaning. We do not believe in the power of creative chaos, as well as in wandering inspiration. We believe in system, technology and brains. And we suggest you believe it.

Today, the high quality of the result as such has become a market qualifier, masthave. Attention and expectations are shifted to process quality.The positioning of the DEZA brand is based on a combination of rational and emotional. The first is to guarantee quality not only of the result, but also of the process. The second is a great empathy towards the client and his brand.

We strive for effective and comfortable cooperation, we do everything to become like-minded with the client. It is important for us to create and save friendly relations with the client, share positive results, positive emotions, exchange energy and knowledge in an open and friendly atmosphere.


We divided the studio's specialists into two teams: the design team and the branding team. This allows team members to use their skills in the most appropriate and effective way, which ensures high results in each project. The branding team creates and updates the brands. The design team forms the communication of the brands..

How we work
Market environment analysis

Main trends, competitive environment, communication features

Company analysis, product analysis, services

Consumer characteristics, benefits,
intended target audience, price category

Summary, conclusions
01 strategic stage
Brand platform
Brand platform

Brand essence, individuality, values, benefits, attributes

Key positioning accents

Rational and emotional aspects

02 strategic stage
Creative concepts

Tone of voice, communication priorities

03 creative stage
Brand identity

Title, slogans, descriptors, logo, identica, packaging, etc.

04 creative stage
Brand with a new story
05 creative stage
DEZA is not just a company, but a team

The main advantage of our team is that we have the same level of expertise in both branding and customer service.

DEZA is a team with a strong temperament and healthy professional ambitions. At the same time, we are not afraid to be simple and direct. Because the more we accumulate and expand our experience, the more excited, courageous, alive and greedy we become. We are systematic and clear where we need to be. And completely free in creative ways.

Try our brain, you'll love it!
Working hours
Mon-Fri: 10:00-19:00