We help companies create brands, start them or continue them

We are the DEZA branding studio. We have been creating brands for more than 16 years, we are members of the Association of Branding Companies of Russia. From our head office in St. Petersburg we work all over Russia. We work with international and federal brands, large companies, small businesses.

We offer the whole spectrum of branding services: from research, positioning, brand strategy research to naming, creating or updating a logo, identity, packaging design, promotional materials, corporate merch and calendars.

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We do not do media planning, photo and video production, production of outdoor and TV advertising. For these tasks we are ready to recommend our colleagues and partners.

We do not work with microloan services, webcam studios, MLM-business.


We combine branding technologies with client service technologies

Today, high quality results as such have become a market qualifier, a must-have. Attention and expectations are changing to process quality. A key advantage of the DEZA's team is that we have similarly cool skills in branding and customer service. Behind every company, behind every product, we see first and foremost people inspired by what they do.

Branding is not magic, branding is the synergy of creativity and meaning.

We strive for effective and comfortable cooperation, we do everything to become like-minded with the client. It is important for us to create and save friendly relations with the client, share positive results, positive emotions, exchange energy and knowledge in an open and friendly atmosphere.

We're refreshing your brands. Without the risk of losing recognition.

Especially for brand refresh we created a unique technology - Refresh brand. If you want to make your brand modern, contact us.We will keep the continuity and remove the obsolete, we will renew the important and systematize the fragmented, we will give clarity to the already existing images. clarity to established concepts.

Over the years we have added many well-known brands and clients to our portfolio. We have won numerous prestigious international awards. Our cases have been published by foreign publications, and our team members speak at major industry events as experts.

But our main achievement is that we still take on new tasks with interest and love. We don't believe in the power of creative chaos or wandering inspiration. We believe in systems, technology and brains. And we invite you to believe.

Working hours
Mon-Fri: 10:00-19:00