DEZA is not just a company, it's a team!

DEZA is a team with a pronounced temperament and healthy professional ambitions. At the same time we are not afraid to be simple and direct. Because the more we accumulate and expand our experience, the more adventurous, daring, lively and hungry for knowledge we become. We are systematic and clear where we need to be. And we are completely free to be creative.

Creative team

Дизайн-директор студии DEZA
Irina Shmidt

Design Director,
Head of Branding

Education Higher
Specialty Concepts, branding
Credo Everything genius is simple
Year of career start 2002
Руководитель направления "дизайн" студии DEZA
Sergey Samofalov

Head of Design

Education Higher
Specialty Concepts, advertising visuals, typography, fonts
Credo Between no and yes the choice is only yes
Year of career start 2011
Бренд-стратег студии брендинга DEZA
Irina Mokrousova
Brand Strategist
Education Higher
SpecialtyResearch, strategy
Credo Only the changes are constant
Year of career start 2010
Копирайтер студии DEZA
Anton Borisov
EducationHigher Humanities
Specialty Ideas and texts
Credo Inside me everything cries, outside everything laughs
Year of career start 2005
Бренд-дизайнер студии DEZA
Olga Samofalova
Senior brand designer
Education Higher
SpecialtyBrand design, graphic design, illustration
Credo Look up, look down, look under!
Year of career start 2016
Бренд-дизайнер студии DEZA
Ekaterina Starodumova
Senior brand designer
Education Higher
Specialty Brand design
Credo Better to do and regret, than not to do and regret
Year of career start 2017
Sergey Koger
Senior designer
Education Higher
Credo Punks not dead!
Year of career start 2009
Графический дизайнер студии DEZA
Olga Lyashenko
Graphic designer
Education Higher art
Specialty Graphic design
Credo Smile and don't give up
Year of career start 2001
Tatyana Savchuk
Graphic designer
Education Higher
Specialty Design
CredoDoing good and not fighting :)
Year of career start 2019
Иллюстратор студии DEZA
Valeriy Golubtsov
Education Higher
Specialty Illustration
Credo The devil hides in the details
Year of career start 2007
Технический дизайнер студии DEZA
Kirill Andreev
Technical designer
Education Higher
Specialty Pre-press
Credo Check and clean
Year of career start 2001
Маркетолог студии DEZA
Maria Megrabyan
The Marketing Specialist
Education Higher
Specialty Marketing, PR
Credo Time doesn't like to be wasted
Year of career start 2016

Клиентский сервис

Руководитель направления по работе с клиентами студии DEZA
Marta Bekker
Head of Customer Service
Education Higher
Specialty Understand the client
Credo You can't lose something that doesn't exist
Year of career start 2011
Менеджер по работе с клиентами
Anna Artemova
Account manager
Education Higher
Specialty Understand the client
Credo Your borders are only in your head
Year of career start 2016
Генеральный директор студии DEZA
Igor Klevtsov


Specialty Managing
CredoDo good, bad will come out by itself.
Year of career start1994
Бухгалтер студии DEZA
Victoria Shmidt
Chief accountant, specialist in tenders
Education Higher technical
Specialty Money, money, money
Credo It's better to be a good person who curses with foul language than a quiet, well-mannered bastard
Year of career start 2007

We are systematic and direct where it's needed. And we are completely free to be creative. Do you want to join us?

Join our team, we are always happy to welcome new people!

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