Ilim Group — is the leader of the pulp and paper industry in Russia and one of the leading industry players in the world. The company traces its history back to 1992, which means that in 2022 the company will be 30 years old.

Therefore, Ilim decided to develop a logo and an attractive corporate identity and entrusted us with this task. We tell you about the results.

Anniversary logo and identity

Anniversary logo and identity

Decades of centrifugal growth

The company is focused on constant renewal, improvement, relevance and dynamism of changes. We tried to reflect all these aspects in the anniversary logo. The stylized number 30 became the visual and semantic basis of the holiday identity.

One of the meaningful essences of the sign is the theme of history as a nonstop movement. The number has texture and volume, which are particularly emphasized and reinforced on the media — with stamping.

The brand graphic series consists of four circular elements. They are based on the images associated with the history and activities of Ilim, designed to indicate the dynamism and continuous centrifugal growth of the company.

The anniversary identity takes some decisions from the logo, but is filled with the symbolism of speed, complexity and transformation, giving a reference to the production process, among other things. This is how we combined a visual metaphor with an almost literal illustration of Ilim's work.

Юбилейный лого и айдентика ИЛИМ на мерче
Юбилейный лого и айдентика ИЛИМ на конвертах
Юбилейный лого ИЛИМ на носителе
Юбилейный логотип и фирстиль ИЛИМ на шопере
Юбилейный логотип и фирстиль ИЛИМ на мерче
Юбилейный логотип ИЛИМ на носителях
Юбилейный лого ИЛИМ
Creative team
Art-director Sergey Samofalov
Designers Sergey Samofalov, Olga Lyashenko, Tatyana Savchuk
Project Manager Anna Artemova
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