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Alexander Blok — Russian poet, writer, publicist, playwright, interpreter, literary critic. The classic of Russian literature of the 20th century, one of the greatest figures of Russian Symbolism.


The Alexander Blok Museum is in St. Petersburg on the Dekabristov Street.

Identity for the Alexander Blok Museum in St. Petersburg

Identity for the Alexander Blok Museum in St. Petersburg

It includes two parts: memorial and literary displays devoted to the life and work of the famous poet.

Being a part of the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, the Block Museum has practically no own identity and its attributes — a separate website, a recognizable logo, and so on.

Nevertheless, the team of the Block Museum tries to keep up with the times: cooperating with contemporary artists, involving visitors with the help of interactive and entertainment programs,
organizing temporary exhibitions and new excursions.

The group of memorial museums created based on the apartments in which prominent figures lived differs greatly in their approach to identity from the "big" museums. Museums dedicated to specific personalities always have recognizable or characteristic features of the hero in their identity: autographs, portraits or profiles, dates, details of iconic works.

At the same time, memorial complexes and apartment museums are very delicate use of additional graphics and make do with minimal elements.

Despite the well-established traditions in the visual images of memorial museum, we have created the most original, unexpected and non-trivial concept. The sign comes to the forefront here. It is a stylized, minimalistic image of the three and flights of stairs on which the museum is located.

In the sign you can see references to the Russian Avantgarde, Suprematism and Constructivism. These art movements are the poet's contemporaries.

The sign and all identity represent the general artistic context in which Blok lived and created. Basically, we have a modern, recognizable and memorable concept, which can rather strongly stand out the style of the Blok Museum among other museums-apartments.

The main colors are taken from the wallpaper of the hallway in Blok's apartment. In general, the color scheme of the design concept is classic and calm, it balances the sign, and the general sense of the identity becomes harmonious and balanced.

Diagonal stripes from the sign, as well as vertical stripes - again referring to the wallpaper pattern in Blok's hallway - are used in the identity and design of the media.

The enlarged sign becomes a transparent mask, a window, through which fragments of the image can be seen. This allows the whole layout to become visually lighter, while expressively presenting the brand block.

The design of all kinds of souvenirs
and presentation materials aspires to geometric
laconism and restraint, characteristic of this concept.



As a result of the work, we have an adaptive and easy-to-use identity for use in specific museum realities. The identity combines a careful attitude to the historical heritage of the poet and the image of the modern actual cultural space.

Creative team
Art-director Irina Shmidt
Copywriter Anton Borisov
Designers Viktoria Pohilko
Project Manager Anna Artemova
191119, St. Petersburg,
61 Marata St., lit. 10Н
Opening Hours
пн-пт с 10:00 до 19:00