A regular event held by “Ilim” for its top managers, the leaders' forum, required a corporate identity for the design of all kinds of communication media. The main wishes for the style – its visual connection with both the identity of "Ilim" and the style of the corporate university of the company, which is directly related to the forum of leaders; In addition, the leitmotiv of the associative series should be the theme of leadership, aspiration forwards and upwards.
Stairs to the sky are created by people

Stairs to the sky are created by people


The basic element of the style was a dynamic broken line-tape, which has transparent prototypes – a ladder and an indirect paper plane. Style-forming elements, solved in the proprietary range of "Ilim", combined the symbolism of the way of the leader, not always direct, but always leading upwards, ascending and flying, new steps and heights, energy and desire for the future.

In the visual solution there is also a reference to the origami technique, which emphasizes the industry affiliation of the leaders' forum - to the paper industry - and sets the semantic metaphor for the style: all the stairs to the sky are created by the hands of a person.

Creative team
Art-director Irina Shmidt
Copywriter Anton Borisov
Designers Elena Ivanova, Ekaterina Starodumova
Comany "Comrades"
Production manager Sergey Novikov, natalia Yadrihinskaya
Project Manager Marta Bekker, Ivan Mahailov
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