“Rosohrana”, which provides IT solutions not only for security, but also for all spheres of business and state institutions, ordered us the development of a quarterly calendar that would be both spectacular and discreet, relevant and not fanciful in the offices of those business and government institutions, contain an understandable capacious idea and, if possible, include an element of interactivity.
No day without a goal

No day without a goal

In this calendar, intended for a fairly serious audience, we managed to combine a simple and popular idea with a creative and playful moment, a bright visual solution and the possibility of interactive. Here the idea that every day of the month and year is the way to a specific goal is revealed. Moreover, the day is the goal.

By the combined efforts of several studio designers, we created twelve unique targets, fastened to the substrate of the calendar spiegel. They are not connected with certain months and can be installed on the spie in an arbitrary order – to the taste of the owner. The targets are decorated in various ways, reminiscent of art objects in the styles of abstract art, op-art and pop art.

In each target a universal numerator of the month is inscribed. Using the darts attached to the calendar, you can mark the current day or important day of the month – when, for example, a meeting or an event is to be held. Or just relax and start throwing (because businessmen and especially servants of the people need relaxation so much).

Support for the visual series is textual: signatures to targets – quotes and statements about goals and achievements, belonging to famous people from various fields.

No day without a goal No day without a goal No day without a goal No day without a goal No day without a goal No day without a goal
Creative team
Art-director Irina Shmidt
Copywriter Anton Borisov
Designers Elena Ivanova, Ekaterina Starodumova, Olga Samofalova, Irina Shmidt, Daniil Yarcev
Production manager Sergey Novikov, natalia Yadrihinskaya
Project Manager Ivan Mahailov
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61 Marata St., lit. 10Н
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