Lolilab — is a professional cosmetic created by the ideologists of the scientific approach to cosmetology. In 2022 the client's team decided to relaunch the brand and expand distribution. We did research, compiled a brand-platform, and updated the identity.
Refresh of Lolilab Сosmetics Brand

Refresh of Lolilab Сosmetics Brand

Lolilab — Re-Energize Science

The brand identity is based on strong RTB: fundamental research and development, the skill of biochemists, and innovative processes that keep components active while scaling up production. The functional advantage of the brand is based on this: Lolilab effectively solves aesthetic problems, providing care at a professional level.

The brand translates that youthfulness — is a feeling unrelated to age. Offering professional skin care, Lolilab helps to improve the quality of life and prolong its active period, gives more opportunities to feel young. That's why the essence of the brand is — Re-Energize Science.

RTB бренда Lolilab

Before moving to the creative development stage, we analyzed the client's visual present and came to the conclusion that the proximity of the longevity symbol sign and outdated premium codes in the brand identity created the wrong sense of the brand. One of the objectives of the research phase was to understand how to reflect premium and scientificity in the visual positioning.

Визуальные атрибуты бренда Lolilab до обновления
Фирменный блок бренда Lolilab: обновленный логотип и знак

Knot of Youth and Lifeline

The knot of eternal life, youth and beauty, which is also called the symbol of longevity - we left it unchanged, because the brand team is very sensitive to it. Light updates were made to the logo block. Due to the lower-case letters and rounded font, the logo became more harmonious to the sign, more scientific and open in character.

Фирменный блок «было/стало»

The key element of the identity — the lifeline, made as if by hand — reflects the energetic character of the brand. It behaves differently depending on the media and tasks: somewhere it just creates a mood, somewhere it plays an informational function, forming specific images.

Ключевой элемент айдентики — живая линия
Фирменный цвет бренда Lolilab

The brand's orange color is inspired by the iconic French brand Hermès. A complementary color, gray, is used for additional graphics. The "white outside, bright orange inside" technique enhances the sense of contrast and reflects the message that youth — is an internal feeling.

Айдентика Lolilab на носителях
Айдентика Lolilab в полиграфии
Фирменный стиль Lolilab в дизайне упаковки
Фирменный стиль Lolilab в дизайне упаковки
Рекламный модуль Lolilab в журнале
Айдентика Lolilab на разноформатных носителях
Дизайн страницы сайта Lolilab

The identity of the Lolilab is built on dualism: on the one hand strict science and intellectual background, on the other — bright energy and free character. We conveyed this connection through visual contrasts: different fonts, white and rich orange colors, smooth and textured surfaces.

The corporate identity reflects the essence of the brand and looks convincing to a demanding audience, creating the right sense of balance of premium and scientific.

Брендбук Lolilab
Creative team
Art-director Irina Shmidt
Brand Strategist Irina Mokrousova
Designers Tatyana Savchuk
Project Manager Marina Andreeva
191119, St. Petersburg,
61 Marata St., lit. 10Н
Opening Hours
пн-пт с 10:00 до 19:00