We have a new website!

We have a new website!
Even brighter, even more systematic, even more honest, even more DEZA!
Студия брендинга DEZA
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Even brighter, even more systematic, even more honest, even more DEZA!

DEZA refreshes are taking over new territories and now we are pleased to present our new website with excitement and joy. We could not leave it without attention, in today's world it is the site - the face of the company, it must reflect the real us in the most honest, detailed and understandable way. In addition, it is the main channel of communication with customers, partners, friends, what is there to be modest - with the whole world!

As a branding studio we do not organize a fight between creativity and meaning, but on the contrary, we are always looking for the most effective way to combine them so that creativity and meaning work for each other. So in the case of our site, we breathed in and out and began to think about users, what they want to see on the site in the first place, what information is most important for them and what navigation will be the most convenient. Having answered all these questions and prescribed user scenarios, we defined the main characteristics of the future site - simplicity, convenience, informativeness, brightness, vividness.

We have tried to simplify the structure and logic of the site. The main transformation occurred with our main page, now it has become a handy digest of current news, where you can immediately see the latest projects, news from the life of the studio, and download useful materials on branding or design.

We are not stopping at the achieved, we will continue to grow and develop. And our site will continue to improve to make working with it as comfortable and interesting for you as possible, as well as working with us.

Welcome to the updated DEZA, we hope that by entering the site today, you will be satisfied and will return to us repeatedly.


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