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Shaffer is a high-quality alcoholic yeast used for fermenting beverages at home or in small production facilities. The main feature of the product is a unique century-old recipe from England, which is still considered a standard. The founder of the brand turned to us to develop a logo and label design that would translate the English quality.
Logo and label design for alcoholic yeast from England

Logo and label design for alcoholic yeast from England

The concept is based on one of the brightest and most important symbols of Great Britain and associations with the country — the English bulldog. He became our brand character, and Shaffer became his name.

The idea is also that a dog is a human friend, a companion. These qualities transferred to the product — as a useful, reliable and necessary helper. The basis of the design is an illustration in the classic style, which emphasizes the British traditionalism and a certain conservatism.

Бренд-персонаж дрожжей Shaffer
Дизайн этикетки бренда Shaffer

Illustrative accents were symbolic objects and accessories that expressively characterize the British style: bowler, cap, pipe, bow tie, mustache.

Персонаж бренда Shaffer и его атрибуты
Дизайн этикетки дрожжей Shaffer

The frame on the packaging resembles the label of an alcoholic beverage. Differentiation of products in the design is achieved by different background colors and accent illustrative details of the character.

The result is a line that fits into a category, but has its own personality, starting with the brand character and ending with every detail of the visual design.

Дизайн этикеток всей линейки спиртовых дрожжей Shaffer
Бренд-персонаж Shaffer на мерче
Бренд-персонаж Shaffer на мерче
Creative team
Art-director Sergey Samofalov
Brand Strategist Irina Mokrousova
Designers Tatyana Savchuk
Illustrator Valeriy Golubcov
Project Manager Marina Andreeva
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61 Marata St., lit. 10Н
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