Krasnogorsk factory by S.A. Zverev — one of the leading Russian manufacturers of optical and optoelectronic devices. It is a part of Shvabe Holding of Rostec State Corporation, owns the Zenit photo brand, has a powerful background and a unique history from 1942.
Refresh Russian brand Zenit

Refresh Russian brand Zenit

About the client and the tasks of the project

Today the factory produces not only optics for space exploration and military purposes, but also actively develops the production of civilian products: medical lasers, binoculars, cameras, etc. Diversification of the product portfolio is a strategic development objective.

We had the task to update the logo and develop an identity to displace the accents (from a defense-industrial to a consumer brand), as well as to refresh the image of the plant, make the brand understandable for young audiences, while preserving the historical heritage.

Рефреш Красногорского завода «Зенит»

Sign and Logo

The client chose the most successor to the existing version of the sign and logo. We kept the most recognizable element in the sign - the Dove prism with a light beam, but stylistically and graphically gave it a more modern and consistent image. The air appearing in the sign makes it more balanced.

We finalized the letters of the logo in support of the sign, at the same time keeping the general character, giving tribute to tradition and history. And the blue color of the sign refers to light, lightness, transparency, as well as to the products of the factory - optics.

Было / стало логотип «Зенита»
Обновленный знак «Зенита»
Обновленный знак «Зенита»
Обновленный логотип красногорского завода им. С.А.Зверева
Логотип и знак бренда «Зенит»

Current Trends in Identity

We continued to develop the theme of Zenit's variety of activities graphically, indicating that the plant produces far more than just photo cameras. This stylistic solution is intended to be associated with modernity, technology and knowledge-intensiveness.

Айдентика бренда Zenit
Айдентика бренда Zenit
Айдентика бренда Zenit
Фирменная графика бренда «Зенит»

To emphasize the company's different interests, we developed a system of signs, each of which symbolizes one of Zenit's directions. Even at the level of identity, this solves one of the problems of the brand, which now is most often associated only with photo cameras.

Identity is built based on the principle of a constructor and makes it possible to form a variety of images. The pattern is used flexibly and freely, filling out different media in different ways, depending on the content and communication goals.

Фирменная графика / айдентика бренда Зенит
Фирменный стиль на носителях
Фирменная графика на фотоимидже
Пиктограммы в айдентике бренда Зенит

In the design of materials for a particular direction, the pattern may consist only of the icons of this direction. In cases related to the activities of the entire company, the pattern is compiled from all the icons, reflecting the multifaceted complexity of Zenit's work.

This creates a movable and dynamic style.

Логотип и фирменный стиль бренда Зенит на носителях
Фирменный стиль бренда Зенит на деловой документации

The result of the project — an updated sign and logo, a system of differentiation of the company's activities, as well as a new identity — combines respect for the historical heritage of the company and the company's desire for technology and digitalization.

P.S. After the project was handed over to the client, the corporate identity we developed changed.

All this allowed us to create the desired brand image: inspiring confidence, reminiscent of the great history and consistent with the spirit of the new times, simple and concise, understandable not only to top managers of Russian and foreign companies, but also to ordinary employees of the plant, and also — to all citizens of Krasnogorsk.

Фирменный стиль бренда Зенит на плакатах
Фирменный стиль бренда Зенит на носителях
Фирменный стиль бренда Зенит на носителях
Фирменный стиль бренда Зенит на носителях
Фирменный стиль бренда Зенит на носителях
Адаптация фирменного стиля в digital
Адаптация фирменного стиля в digital
Логотип и знак бренда Зенит на фотоимидже
Creative team
Art-director Irina Shmidt
Brand Strategist Irina Mokrousova
Designers Olga Samofalova, Viktoria Pohilko
Project Manager Anna Artemova
191119, St. Petersburg,
61 Marata St., lit. 10Н
Opening Hours
пн-пт с 10:00 до 19:00